Circuit Breaker Exporter and Suppliers

Eshan Traders established in 2013, is proudly recognized as a trader and exporter of value to the commercial markets. Our Strategy is to manufacturer branded products that will be demanded by clients. Circuit Breaker,Miniature Circuit Breaker, Air Circuit Breaker, Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker, Molded Case Circuit Breaker, Control Relay, Limit Switches, Electical Motor, and Stationery due to these products we enjoy a market leading position. Our clients range from manufacturing industries, building construction firms, engineering & household repairs to home handyman. We consider the strength of our company to be the depth of specialized knowledge displayed by our team. We are able to deliver most clients' needs immediately or if not, overnight. We have developed a strong insight into the products we sell & this is reflected in the range of products we deal. When client working with industrial products they need to be assured of using the most effective, reliable products on the market to cut down operational cost as well as to plan hassle free operation in long term. We are the premier exporter because of our flexible product range and commitment to personalized client service. Our growing network of loyal clients comes to us for recommendations best suitable option. As a One Stop Exporter, if we don't stock something you need, we can simply order it for you and deliver it.

Services We Provide

At Zamotronics, we always ready to listen our client's requirement. We believe to do the right implementation at very first time. By attending the requirement very carefully, it helps us to understand exact requirement along with with other features. To offer the right product, it is very important that we keep each and every point taken into consideration.

We think that by offering Best Possible Solution, it helps clients to achieve long term benefit. It also helps to strengthen relationship between Zamotronics and its clients. It creates bonding with trust. Best Solution always helps to run clutter free operation and it also support minimal operational cost. Which eventually converts in increased profit.

We only trade with Original Brands. It is advisable to use original products. It is always convenient use 100% original product to have hassle free maintenance. Original products don’t require any types of customization. That will save a lot of money and time. Branded products come with valid certification. These products constantly performing as per standards.

Clients are always valuable assets for continuously growing business. We pledge to offer right solution with highest level of customer service. We also accept constructive feedback from our precious client. It helps us to develop new level of customer satisfaction as well as widen our business. A convinced consumer helps to maintain high level of encouragement for us.

Our Mission

Great Quality Products with Affordable Prices for Zambian Market

Our Vision

To Gain Highest Level of Trust among all our clients. To set the new benchmark for Excellent Service Standards and Original Products.

Our Strategy

Only serve 100% original and genuine products to clients. Zamotronics Investment Ltd. import and supply branded products from all over the world.

Our Clients

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